About Magnets-In-Me

We are a medical device start-up company composed of inventors, physicians, engineers scientists and entrepreneurs. Our company was formed in 2006 to “create innovative applications of magnetic force to achieve biological remodeling.” Our devices use a surgically implanted magnet working in conjunction with an external magnet to help treat pectus excavatum or sunken chest, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, sleep apnea and other diseases. One of our devices is in clinical trials and others or in various stages of development.

We are serious inventors who use the power of rare earth magnets to reconfigure bone and tissue in more gentle procedures that limit the patient’s hospital stay and pain management. These procedures are also significantly more cost effective over time.

Our Name

Magnets-In-Me is an interesting choice of name for our company. Our founder Dr. Michael Harrison has always chosen names for treatments and therapies that give the reader pause, and then insight into the true nature of care. Magnets-In-Me, is one such name. Our first therapies involved implanting a magnet inside the human body to repair sunken chest disorder. It was this early invention that gave rise to our name.